Looking back the last 10 years, the casting journey has not been easy;

Capturing that particular moment of the client's life is my ultimate privilege!


A true artist, the meticulous attention to detail in Shadow’s work is evident upon first viewing.

 Having commissioned the bronze casting of my childrens’ hands I can testify that the quality of the final result is stunning, capturing to this day some of the familiar gestures they would use during their formative years.

 To those who may not know, Shadow is also a consummate diva, possessing of a voice which is both angelic and powerful at once.

 I have no hesitation in recommending her and her unique form of art … you will not be disappointed!



A very special Thank You for the Surprise gift ……….

No words can express my gratitude for the most creative and forthcoming artistic idea Shadow came up with, which could be truly evaluated only as time goes on…

Shadow’s art work is incredible and unique. The accuracy, the details and diligent execution of the bronze cast is breathtaking.  And… the final benefit was that Shadow was also able to digitally minimize the rendering of London’s mould to make me a miniature silver jewellery ‘paw’ pendant.  I was perplexed with all the choices her original cast mould gave us..  This was not only an ART but heart and soul only a very creative person, with unlimited imagination, can capture: the reality of life’s moment.  

Thank you so very much Shadow, I truly appreciate what you have done for me to capture the memory of our dog London.  I only can imagine how meaningful and precious Shadow’s casts must be for parents or grandparents when they welcome their child.  A keepsake for ever to treasure….With sincere thanks

Dagmar Hartley  Hong Kong

Shadow's work is beautiful, fine and artistic

She did an amazing job with the bronze cast of my daughter at 4 weeks, and subsequently that of my son at 3 weeks.  She is extremely experienced and gentle in handling new borns and I would highly recommend her to anyone !

Thank you Shadow for making it possible for me to still touch those tiny feet and hands of my "babies"!



Dear Shadow

Thank you so much for the beautiful casting of Daymian's feet. They are a great reminder of how tiny he was during those first few weeks of and how much he continues to grow. Daymian loves playing with them and often asks for 'feet'. Then he compares the size of his bronze feet with his own feet. It is really funny!  

We so much appreciate that you created this wonderful piece of art for our family that will be with us always. Throughout the process you were patient and had many wonderful ideas. You and I had a long period of back and forth as we finalised the engraving and you always had great thoughts and feedback. The casting turned out perfect!  We are so happy that we did this with you!  lots of love

Jessica, Zachary & Daymain


  A special cast of a special moment in time that we can cherish forever...

Our experience of getting our baby's foot cast done was so relaxing, we thought getting our young baby to sit still enough to get it done would be a tiring challenge but Shadow created a very calm and relaxing atmosphere and was extremely professional.  And the outcome is perfect!


[Photos by Shadow - all rights reserved]