Shadow with  Jolyon (3 months old), cast in 1997 by Jeremy.


Shadow, is a small, artistic flavoured firm, established in Hong Kong, in 2006... Based on many years of practical experience, working in the area of arts, the firm is creating sculptures, ceramics, design, life casting, jewellery pendants, theatrical props, furniture, music and performing arts production.   

The vision of Shadow is to apply all these aspects of previous experience; consolidated and combined, to supply solutions to clients who desire bespoke creations.  The firm is  the imaginative and practical artistry of  Shadow and Jeremy Blackwell, who, from concept to utilisation, work as a dynamic team.

"With our passion, we enjoy what we do and with this attitude and background, we seek to equip and entertain our clients, creating unique art pieces."

This site is dedicated to Life Casting; an art-form offered to capture your important, precious and emotionally memorable moments. 


[Photos by Shadow - all rights reserved]