Why/what is Life Casting?

Life casting is a great way to preserve a moment in time; similar, in a way, to a photograph, but fully three dimensional. 

Life casting sculpture, also known as body casting, is creating a mould from the person, and then reproducing that form in another material.



There is a large range of  compositions possible in life casting; babies feet and hand casts, face casts, wedding hands cast, mother-to-be's baby bump, even your pet's paw!



Popular material options are Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Bronze and Plaster.  Other metal and non-metal options are available.  I can provide artistic directions to suit your needs.



The time needed for a basic cast, for example a baby hand, or foot, is usually only few minutes plus a little time for preparation.  A more complex composition will take longer.  The mould is made from a harmless, non-toxic water-based material that sets in about one and half minutes and is then gently removed.  The best results are achieved when your baby is asleep. 

Some larger moulds; a torso or a baby-bump, require a casing to prevent distortion of the mould, this will increase the time needed and greater co-operation of the model.



Please contact us to discuss individual pricing as the variety of materials on offer and the complexity of compositions need to be considered.



A Plaster cast can be achieved in a few days, whereas Bronze or Silver casts can take a few months to be completed, depending on the casting schedule at the foundry. 

Previously produced plaster casts, perhaps when a baby is only a few days old, can be converted to other materials at a later date. Seize precious moments, you can consider materials later, perhaps at the handover over a coffee?


[Photos by Shadow - all rights reserved]