Plaster casting  

The start of any process is a moulding session with the model to create a plaster cast from the mould taken, which is a sculpture in itself but can then used to make pieces in other materials such as precious and semi-precious metals.

The Lost Wax Process; Classic traditional metal-foundry work

Multiple wax copies of the original are made and sent to the foundry, where ceramic moulds are subsequently made. The wax inside the mould is then melted away (hence the term 'lost wax') and the cavity filled by molten metal.  

I remain responsible for the careful finishing before delivering your final memorable art piece.

I have successfully worked with amazing artisans and different foundries over the past decade; learning that a small object can involve huge industrial work and a lot of time spent on wax.  I also learnt there were some parts of the process that I could pass onto the trusted metal foundry's specialists. This allowed me to fully focus on my part of the conceptual and creative process, work closely with the client, managing the project, making the mould and creating wax casts.